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In the ever-changing, ever-more-challenging world of computer viruses and spyware, our company works around the clock to stay one step ahead of new threats.

In creating Adware Professional, we went way beyond typical anti-spyware programs that mostly work by blocking known threats. We added a new level of security and ease of use by:

  • Constantly identifying new viruses, Trojans and spyware forms as soon as they’re created
  • Detecting system threats not only in your existing files but on web pages you visit
  • Developing a deep-clean removal method that wipes out all traces of infection throughout your system
  • Adding the Real-Time Scanning feature that keeps your system protected continuously, blocking troublemakers as soon as they appear
  • Simplifying the whole process to just one click with our unique 1-Click scan and repair feature
  • Free, Unlimited Live 24/7 Customer Support.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, we’re also committed to good value. Your computer’s information and performance are invaluable, but we don’t believe you have to pay a fortune to protect them. Our customers appreciate the affordability of Adware Professional.

Customer service is top priority, as well. That’s why our site includes Live Chat support 7 days a week.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Contact us.